We Provide a Complete Range of Marketing Services

Our focus is on contributing to the marketing communication activities of international consumer brands that plan to come to China or already have a presence here. We have gained extensive experience with a wide range of marketing cases in both Europe and China and built up our strengths related to a variety of marketing communication elements.

Our Marketing Services:


Creating personality for your brand. Brands are personalities and we believe strong personalities make a difference.

Brand/Product Development & Positioning

How is your brand/product positioned in the market; how and where does it stand amongst its competitors? We can help it move in the right direction by assisting on your marketing planning.

Brand Audits

How does your brand’s personality perform?

Customer Insight Studies

Customers are key. What do customers think about your product / brand?


There are many ways to influence your customers and involve them in your PR strategy.

Corporate Media Productions

Keep on interacting with your customers.

Editorial Productions

We just love writing!

Way of Working:

Krakers Consultancy works lean and mean. We very much believe that this gives the flexibility and entrepreneurship that we like our clients to benefit from. This means that while the project team that we recruit for your project may be small, it will be efficient and effective in delivering high quality results. We consider our clients an important part of our team. Before starting a project we always take the time to get to understand a client’s ideas, needs and wishes and we will keep up a high level of communication during the project itself. This is also where we like to add some unique personal flavour to our cooperation. We are strong at working hands-on and truly becoming part of our clients’ operations. That’s why you could also call us Marketing Producers: the people that make your marketing productions happen! Our projects are run on interim (freelance) basis, as long as the project requires. With offices in both Hong Kong and Shanghai, we ensure an optimal coverage of China. Rates are based on the timeline and objectives and vary from project to project.

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